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« on: 05:58 PM - 05/24/08 »
Welcome to the XIM4 Community Forum. Please keep the following in mind when posting here.

  • SEARCH FIRST.  There is a chance that someone has asked or explained your exact question. How much clarification is required should determine whether you start a new thread or not. Use you best judgment and try not to get offended if your thread gets locked.
  • Be kind to your fellow XIMers.  We are all decent human beings here with similar interests, so treat each-other with respect. Abuse, bullying, threats, and trash-talk will not be tolerated. *see below
  • Understand that not everyone here speaks English natively or at all.  This means they are most likely from another country. Do your best to realize that the way someone communicates may be different from yours.
  • TRY to stay on-topic.  Some off-topic side notes are tolerable, but starting off a post with something that has nothing to do with the original post can send the whole tread to a place where the original question never gets answered.
  • No sales.  Please don't use this forum for buying and/or selling XIMs or any other items.

Things that will get you banned:

  • Excessive Cursing - This should be a somewhat professional environment. You will be warned and your post will be edited on the first offense. Offenses following will get you banned depending on the severity and circumstances. Just play it safe and try to keep your language clean.
  • Threatening Users - Doing this is a one way ticket to ban-land. To get banned even faster try this on an admin.
  • Posting Illegal Materials - If you post anything illegal here you will be banned immediately and your information will be sent to the proper authorities.
  • Abuse - Anything that you do that adversely affects other users is considered abuse; whether its to the site as a whole or a specific user. You will be warned and set temporarily to "read only" on your first offense. Subsequent offenses will get you banned.

Pretty straight forward stuff here. Keep these things in mind and we should all get along.

NOTE: This list can and will change at any given time, i.e., when a user finds new and exciting ways to disturb our peaceful community.

Have fun.
  Team XIM
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