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Connectivity issues with Dongle on PC after Beta firmware upgrades  (Read 50 times)

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Performance is awesome but as the title suggests its like my controller and dongle become unpaired after the controller has been off for a while or at least behave that way.  Every morning I have to re-pair.  The dongle just blinks red. It should blink white right?   What's strange is that sometimes (before re-pair) i can connect to the manager but the computer (gamepad tester/ reWASD/ any game) doesn't actually see my controller.  Never had issues like this before the Beta upgrades.  Any tips? thanks

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That's strange since we didn't change anything related to pairing in the Beta update. Thanks for reporting this. Just to check, are you happening to be passing the P button on the back of the Controller or the button on the Adapter? This will clear the pairing. I'm sure you aren't doing that but I just wanted to mention it.

This only started happing after the Beta update?
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I have had the same issue on Xbox, On the original Firmware I could leave the dongle in the Xbox and turn off the Nexus. Then come back and turn on the Xbox and the Nexus and it worked fine.

Now I need to reseat the dongle before it recognizes the nexus. This only happened after I updated both the dongle and Nexus to the beta firmware.