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Horizon Zero Dawn ST seems to not work right with Nexus on PC  (Read 80 times)

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ObsIV - I have been using the Horizon Zero Dawn ST for my Nexus for the PC version of this game and when you make very small motion control movements using ADS it doesn't seem to register until you move a bit, and it jumps a bit on any of the smoothing's (prefer Twitch). I used the stick, and it seems like the Dead zone for the stick is higher on ADS or something because I had to make a Motion Curve that moves up higher at the start to get it to register but it still jumps a bit. I am assuming this is the game and how it handles ADS aiming to make the stick move slower, but it is odd with motion control that you have to exert enough motion to get it to move smoother.

Now I am aware this may also simply be the PC version running a higher frame rate than the ST was trained at (I am assuming it was made at 30 FPS on the PlayStation), but I am assuming you will have the same issue on a PlayStation playing this game. Can anyone confirm what is happening to me using the Nexus?
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It's possible that the PC version of the game uses a different aiming system than Xbox. We'd be happy to create a PC version for this game. I'll talk to mist4fun about it.
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NEXUS works great with Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4.

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On PC in Steam, you can always map mouse to gyroscope of a Switch Pro Controller, Dualshock 4 or Dualsense, in the meantime.

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