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Can I play a non supported game with a generic configuration?(Gyro Aiming)  (Read 129 times)

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My Xim Nexus is coming yet, but have not seen anybody talking about non supported games, for example:

-If there is a game I wanna play with gyro/Motion aiming, but it's not supported, is there any way to play it? with some generic config?

-or if it's not supported then there's no way to play it with gyro/Motion Aiming?

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But there's no guarantee it'll feel good. What I've been doing is, since I already have a bunch of different configs downloaded, I load them one by one and see which one feels the closest to what I want. When I find one that's close, I copy the config (use the "..." under the color select)

Then, I download another config, any config (even if it's one you already have in your list) and change the name to match. The game icon won't match but Idk what to do about that. Then under the "..." I select Paste. It pastes the settings of the config you copied.

Then, I tweak it to perfection. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I got Immortals Fenyx Rising feeling excellent. But then scouting on the top of a mountain where you reveal secrets, it was unreliable. The aiming must change for those bits.
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Since itís a controller that think we will see a lot more configs roll out for the nexus vs the apex. Even a slight gyro will be helpful in a lot of games.