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Partying Up When Nexus Arrives?  (Read 139 times)

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Partying Up When Nexus Arrives?
« on: 12:34 PM - 02/02/22 »
Afternoon guys,

So I was able to secure a Nexus with the second batch that dispersed yesterday and I just wanted to post this topic for anyone who'd be interested in partying up soon (since majority of us will be receiving our shipments either tomorrow or Friday). I am a University Instructor and I typically have Fridays off so will be pretty much enjoying the Nexus all day. I play Destiny 2 (will be buying Witch Queen) Apex Legends, Overwatch, COD (no Vanguard), PUBG, GTAV, The Division 2, and quite a few more games. I am on PS4 but will be upgrading very soon (within the next 2 weeks) so if anyone is down for some Nexus gaming and figuring out the nooks and crannies as we go along, my PSN ID is pyro90294! Thank You to OBsIV and the rest of the XIM Team, good luck to those still ordering, and congrats to those who have secured one