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« on: 11:31 AM - 01/31/22 »
IMPORTANT: Running the latest firmware
XIM NEXUS is actively updated with bug fixes and quality improvements. If you are having an issue with your XIM NEXUS, before looking for support, make sure to always be running the latest available firmware.


Getting StartedComprehensive User Guide | Game Support List

First Time Users
If you are setting up a new XIM NEXUS for the first time and you are having issues getting it to work, you've come to the right place. We want to help you get to gaming as quickly as possible. If you've gone through the Getting Started video and you are on latest firmware and things still aren't working in-game, please let us know by posting on our Technical Support Board.

Additional Troubleshooting

► How do you play games that have a Weapon Wheel?

In order for weapon wheels to work correctly, you need to tell your Controller which buttons in the game you are playing pulls up a radial menu. To do so:

  • Enter Expert editing mode (use link at bottom if Standard editing)
  • Swipe over to Mappings
  • Select binding that brings up the weapon wheel
  • Assign the Radial Menu role

► What's the best way to grip the Controller and use the back buttons?

The XIM NEXUS Controller is designed around optimal motion aim. The back buttons are intended to be pressed by swinging your middle fingers to press a back button when needed, and then return back to your normal grip. They aren't intended to be used with your fingers positioned over them at all times.

► How do I calibrate my Controller?

Your Controller comes calibrated from the factory, but, you may want to re-calibrate it for various reason (such as after performing a Factory Reset).

From XIM NEXUS Manager, navigate to Globals from the menu and select Calibration. Then, follow these steps:

► How do I pair my Controller to the wireless Adapter?

You may need to re-pair your Controller to the wireless Adapter if you previously paired your Controller to another device or performed a Factory Reset. To do so, follow these steps:

Pairing can also be done using a wired method:
  • Start with Adapter NOT plugged in and Controller OFF
  • Plug Controller into Adapter (use the included USB C to C cable)
  • Turn Controller ON
  • Plug Adapter into your PC or USB Power Brick
  • Wait for Controller to blink CYAN to signify pairing occurred (typically after about 2 seconds)
  • Unplug Adapter from Controller and wireless connection should occur
► My Controller isn't responsive (froze), what do I do?

We distribute both pre-release and also experimental builds to community members for the purpose of testing and also validating new ideas. If your Controller happens to freeze, please use a paperclip and press the Reset button through the small hole on the back controller (beneath the P button).

Warranty Repairs
If you’ve followed all the suggestions in this FAQ and you still need warranty repair service. Please review the Warranty Terms to verify that it applies. Go to your XIM Store account, view the details of your order, and submit an RMA request.

NOTE: If your RMA is accepted, return instructions will be sent to you over e-mail. However, if we need more information, comments will be added to your RMA record (you will not receive an e-mail notification in that case). Please check your RMA record (through "My Account") for comments if you haven't received return instruction e-mail.
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