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Anyone very knowledgeable with pcs?  (Read 124 times)

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Anyone very knowledgeable with pcs?
« on: 06:13 AM - 01/26/22 »
So for the longest time ive been using MW st for warzone and id always use max dpi 25600...off sync...i was able to manipulate aim assist to my own liking by simply booting up warzone then going to task manager then details then changing the priority of the game. When i changed it to normal i noticed the bubble was the stiffest. If i ran it on high still somewhat stiff but also a little looser. An then if i changed the priority to real time the bubble was the loosest.

 Ive played like this for months an on the fly could change it anytime i felt i wanted. Out of nowhere now every setting they are all stiff with the aim assist bubble. Noted i always use 200 sab. It weird for me more delay seemed to always loosen the as bubble. Now not the case. I read an assumed real time priority was putting all my pc usage to the game. Which i read can cauSe lag in things like mice an keyboard etc cause ur putting everything into the game. So i assumed its prob causing controller delay maybe? Which is possibly causing the delay?

But now its all changed. Even real time the bubble is always stiff. Didnt know if had any expert pc guys in here that maybe knew whats happened why isnt real time making my aa bubble super loose anymore?