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Help with the new rainbow 6  (Read 160 times)


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Help with the new rainbow 6
« on: 09:40 PM - 01/19/22 »
I need help! This new rb6 game donít feel like the normal game. Something is off with the aiming of it, and I think itís dead zone. I love my mouse a little and the cross air goes crazy. Iíve tried all different combos Of stuff on my xim 4 and no luck. I used my save for cod to test it out and it helped a lot! I may put time into seeing if thatworks better but any help would be great! For example if I go to a mark on the wall and add and try to tack that line it goes up and down slightly and not a straight line across but the cod save I have as if I was going to play that game, it then makes that issue go away like 90% of the way. Any help would be great cuz I had this issue with back for blood also and just wanna be able to play this game.