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why does some mouse goes into sleep mode I suppose after AFK for 10mins or so  (Read 95 times)

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I have load of mices and it seems mouse like xm1 and xm1r tends to go into sleep mode or so I believe after me AFK for 10mins and it won't register so I had to re plug the USB cable to the xim hub. whereas some mice does not do this at all. I'm wonder if it is just particular mices that I'm experiencing this or could have been xim issue? because xm1 and viper wired have same sensor pmw3389 and viper doesn't do this. any thoughts on these? thks! btw xm1 was used one that I got from someone else who installed the paracord and xm1r my dog chewed off the box so I would assume he also bite mice too. could these two be the problem where the cable or mice itself got damaged when installing paracord or from my dogs teeth? I'm sorry I'm being so neat picky here. mice seems to work well other than these issue like every other mices that I have.

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Welcome to the community. If the Viper works, so does the XIM.

My guess is the XM1 & XM1R mice may need PC drivers or software to function correctly and may not be compatible with XIM APEX.

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