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Where art thou, XIMul8or  (Read 2283 times)

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Where art thou, XIMul8or
« on: 08:04 AM - 01/30/08 »
After I lost my job, my wife, and my family, all I had to live for was regular software updates and tweaks to XAE-ME.  Still looking forward to implementation of being able to map the axis of the sticks or the triggers to a steering wheel.  But since the switch to these new forums, I haven't see him around.  Anyone know why?


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Re: Where art thou, XIMul8or
« Reply #1 on: 10:01 AM - 01/30/08 »
I just sent him an email. He is still around he has been busy.

yah Im still there :) Just playing my old fav. mmo (Lineage2) a bit again ...
Was it you to write a manual for XAE ? If so, thx ^^ I really have to check it soon.
Cya soon :)