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Warzone PC with xim apex.  (Read 90 times)

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Warzone PC with xim apex.
« on: 05:32 PM - 01/11/22 »
Anyone on here using it on PC? If so what are your settings etc?

I just picked up a xim apex, logitech G403 and Logeitech  pro KB on offer up for $50  :o

I wanted to try this out since i got all that for dirt cheap. I haven't used xim products since xim4 on PS4. I'm testing things out at the moment. But i was actually surprised how good it feels compared to xim4. Not that much different thanl M&K/B on PC. PS5 controllers even works with it without any issues on PC from what i can tell.

I'm using vanguard ST and it feels pretty good on warzone. The only thing i don't like about using this...is the fact that controller is limited on the button configurations. using 1 button for different things like "Use and reload is annoying as hell". Might take time to adjust but imma give it some time and testing before i just switch back to normal PC setup.

Figured since i got it for so cheap it would be fun to give it a shot for @#$% and giggles. Worse case ill sell all of this for profit hahaha

Anyways if anyone has some tips please leave a reply.... Also if anyone remembers me from the good old days of xim3 and 4....hit me up!!! Laters -Ditch