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I am searching the best mouse sensitivity for valorant  (Read 157 times)

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what is the best DPI and mouse sensitivity for playing valorant. I am searching for the best one for this game could you please suggest me. thank you in advance

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Re: I am searching the best mouse sensitivity for valorant
« Reply #1 on: 05:11 AM - 01/07/22 »
DPI and sensitivity is entirely subjective. It's like asking what's the best game to play on Xbox.

XIM recommends using maximum mouse DPI because it's closest to the raw sensor input. However, XIM STs don't take aim assist into account, which responds better to lower DPI. So, if you want less AA, go with high DPI. Or, if you want more AA, go with lower AA. We recommend 3200 DPI to avoid hitting the maximum XIM Sensitivity value of 500 if using Sync Off.

For HIP sensitivity, aim for a 360 degree turn across the width of your mousepad, then fine-tune for a predictable quick 180 degree turn. Keep in mind that console games have turn speed limits and flicking doesn't work. Moving your hand more slowly or reducing sensitivity will help to find a consistent result.

For ADS sensitivity, it's typically 65 to 75% of HIP sensitivity. It should be slow enough to aim accurately, but fast enough to track a strafing or aerial target. Lower sensitivity provides higher AA, so find the right balance between turn speed and accuracy.

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