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My BF2042 Ballistic Curve  (Read 505 times)

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My BF2042 Ballistic Curve
« on: 01:26 PM - 12/20/21 »
Hello, to me the ADS movement just feels off, especially the micro movements when I go to be precise. The HIP movement is just short of, on point.  In other BF games, I've never used any curves, just plain sensitivity adjustments and it always felt great. At most I would make a second profile on my G502 at a lower dpi for sniping. I've been looking at what people here have been suggesting and for the most part I've already been pretty much in line with it. It felt like my ADS mouse movements was over shooting and the transition from small fine movements to faster movements was abrupt. I tried lowering my sensitivity way down till it felt good, but then my range of movement wasn't great and it prevented me from tracking air vehicles with my M5 or AA rockets, or using the soflam to mark for my team. IDK if it matters to mention or not, but for me, as with all previous BF titles using xim, all aim assist is off.

To the point: I made this simple curve. I have a limited understanding with the curves in general. I would appreciate any feedback. Do note this is a work in progress, you will notice the ADS curve is rather drastic along with the HIP/ADS sensitivities being fairly low. I do intend to increase it, both the curve and hip/ads sensitivities over time to find a balance that works for me. It felt like a good starting point where I was able to track in ADS significantly better than before.

G502 Lightspeed
Xbox Series X

what the curve looks like:

MOUSE 4000 dpi @ 250hz
I had changed both my xim and mouse polling rate from 1000hz to 250hz in an attempt to improve the experience based on a couple Xim Central videos I saw. I will likely change it back

Hip 35.25
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Smoothing  3
Y/X ratio  1.10
Steady aim  0
Boost  0

Ads  13.00
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Smoothing  3
Y/X Ratio  1.10
Steady Aim  0
Boost  0

In Game:

FOV 80

Aim Assist: OFF

Soldier Aim Sensitivity: 100

Solider Zoom Sensitivity: 200

Aiming Left/Right Acceleration: 0
Vertical Aim Ratio: 100
Vertical Zoom Ratio: 100
Uniform Soldier Aiming: Off

Controller Left Stick
Center Deadzone: Xbox: 13
Axial Deadzone: 0
Max Input Threshold: 100

Controller Right Stick
Center Deadzone: Xbox: 13
Axial Deadzone: 0
Max Input Threshold: 100

Controller Triggers
LT / L2 Deadzone: 0
LT / L2 Max Input Threshold: 5
RT / R2 Deadzone: 0
RT / R2 Max Input Threshold: 5
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