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1:1 ADS SENSITIVITY INSIGHTS?  (Read 1301 times)

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« on: 11:11 AM - 11/22/21 »
Game:Tom clancy rainbow six siege

Not sure I was clear enough in my original post

PC FPS games naturally give you the same HIP & ADS sens, e.g. there's no transition in speed/distance on pad to be moved.

On console the ADS is naturally slower than the HIP, which is understandable for controller players.

I notice most people who post settings here have a lower ADS sens than HIP, which surprises me as I thought most would want to replicate PC M&K feeling.

Is there an easy way to make my HIP and ADS the same sens with the XIM? As in 1:1 feeling between the two aim styles?

At the moment I try to manually do this by slowly doing a 180 hip turn and then doing the same with ADS until my mouse starts and ends in the same place on my pad; usually giving a higher ADS value. This doesn't seem consistent though, which I imagine is to do with max turn speed both by XIM and by what ever hard coding the game used for ads speed.

I'm surprised I'm the only one I see with a higher ADS XIM sens than HIP to try and replicate the PC FPS style



Just wanted to get some clarity on ADS sensitivity ratios if anybody knows about the following.

If you match the hip sensitivity (eg. 10) with hip translators to the same as your ADS sensitivity (eg. 10) with ADS translators... Is this supposedly a 1:1 mouse sensitivity in terms of what the Xim apex produces?

I ask as I wish to know a good baseline to work from when trying to get a 1:1 between the two aim styles.

I understand some games will have a fixed ADS ratio etc that would then make my above example not 1:1 and so would require you to change it in the Xim manager.

Could someone also explains the key differences between the hip translators and ADS translators and what happens if you used one type of translator for both hip & ADS?

Any insight is appreciated


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« Reply #1 on: 03:49 PM - 11/23/21 »
Interesting topic, waiting to hear what the pros say.

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« Reply #2 on: 04:10 PM - 11/23/21 »
Turn speeds are hard-coded into the game engine. The closest you may get is to use the HIP Smart Translator on ADS.

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