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USB on/off switches that work with XIM Apex  (Read 286 times)

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USB on/off switches that work with XIM Apex
« on: 11:29 PM - 01/05/22 »
Just wanted to share.  Hopefully this helps someone in the future when they search for a way to turn their Apex fully off without disconnecting it from their console. Cheers. 

I found some USB extension cables with built-in on/off switches that work perfectly with the Apex. I move my XIM between my Series X and PS5 pretty frequently and it bugs me to put so much wear and tear on their USB ports. I wanted some USB extensions to leave permanently connected to each console and Iíve also always wished that XIMs had power switches so we didnít have to disconnect them to turn them off, so I went looking for some USB extension cables that have built-in hardware on/off switches. I found surprisingly few options that support both power and data, and even fewer options that werenít cheaply made junk.

After trying and returning a few different brands, I found these from Cable Matters. They are very high quality, thick cables with premium-feeling switches and connectors. Exactly what I was looking for.

They have this two pack, which are 3ft. each and USB 2.0:


But I went with two of these, which are 6ft. (so I can hide the Apex down inside my large entertainment center) and USB 3.0. The increased data transfer speed of USB 3 also makes this cable a good option for connecting external SSD storage to your console:

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