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Anyone know how to set up XIM with a Cronus Zen? Apex legends/Xbox series s  (Read 672 times)

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Iím trying to learn how to use both. Hoping to find someone who has experience in using this that can explain to me how itís done. Iím also looking for a good anti recoil config if anyone has one. Side note, lately my game has been having little micro stutters anyone know why and how to fix it?

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as far as I am aware zen don't work with apex, you might wanna look into titan two as they fully support xim

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The Zen has really bad compatibility due to its 10 millisecond process loop. This applies to both the XIM and to consoles. To get the Zen working you must use very specific controllers, such as a DS4 version 1 controller or an original Xbox One launch controller i think.
As a result you cannot use voicechat on PS4 and your inputs can get desynced due to the progessing loop.
Overall you are better off to use a Titan Two with your XIM. Much better compatibility, perfect sync, supports much more controllers and also has way more features.

By the way anti recoil scripts or similar discussions arent allowed here, its fine to discuss general compatibility questions but for more in-depth questions please head over to the Zen forum, especially when scripting is involved :).
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