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Keyboard and Mouse which are really quiet so friends can't hear clicking!?  (Read 83 times)

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This is a strange question to ask but I bet I'm not the only one.

I play with a bunch of people I know and I really want to get into the XIM and get a great gaming keyboard and mouse along with it, but I don't want the people I play with to know I'm using a keyboard and mouse. If they're dead in a game of Apex and it's me clutching up and they hear me clicking away, they'll know instantly I'm using a keyboard and mouse right, and will probably think I'm cheating or whatever (that's another topic in itself).

So how do I get around this?

Also I'm a bot when it comes to keyboard and mouse gaming. Haven't touched one in like 15+ years. Is it worth buying those smaller keyboards with the little analogue sticks attached to them also?

Please help!

I appreciate the responses.

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Not sure if its what your looking for but i accidently bought a quiet mouse once, it is super quiet and works great but it somewhat feels weird without the clickyness because it sometimes feels like i didnt actually push the button. They sell quiet keyboard and mouse which should muffle the sounds alot. (I havent tried the quiet keyboard myself but cant imagine its much different quality than the mouse)

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Id say get a headset with background noise filtering for the microphone instead, that might be cheaper than buying a new mouse and keyboard :).
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