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Apex Legends Predator *New Keyboard Razer Huntsman V2 Analog  (Read 4874 times)

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how about Razer Tartarus Pro? I like the small one

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Tartarus works, but the analog switches on the latest model also likely require Synapse to function correctly. Thatís par for the course for Razor, theyíre not great at untethering their hardware from software.

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XIM APEX will interpret input as received. As long as the kb is outputting the keypress data as analog rather than digital and it's HID-compliant (doesn't rely on PC drivers or apps to work), it'll work on XIM.

For example, Wooting One analog keys work on XIM APEX, whereas Cooler Master ControlPad analog keys don't. This is because ControlPad relies on its PC app for the analog output to function.

Titan Two's KMG Capture mode can be used as a workaround for PC-reliant device functionality.

Hey I have Razer mini Analog and Its not working with analog mode do you know how itís will work or is not possible?