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PS4 Siege Players.  (Read 428 times)

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PS4 Siege Players.
« on: 06:19 PM - 11/20/21 »

Looking for a few people to play siege with. Im an old man, almost 30, been hard stuck in plat forever. Im decent and  duo queue with buddy of mine that is decent but were not good enough to get out of plat. Also, I often get tkd if anyone hears my keyboard clicking so I rarely use game chat with strangers. My call outs are good, gun skill is decent, positing isnt bad, map knowledge is there and once in a while I can clutch, just need a few teammates to play off of. My buddy and I are both chill, not loud, not extremely talkative and just want to have fun and rank up if we can. I work a lot so my main days to play are Wednesday and Thursday when Im off, I usually play as much as possible over my weekend, also Im on mountain standard time. My gamer tag is LILG512, add me if you want to get some games in, trying to get a team together by next season.