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PS4 can't start issues  (Read 463 times)

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PS4 can't start issues
« on: 09:54 AM - 10/02/21 »
Ps4 suddenly says can't start after checking storage, I followed the instructions that told me to put an update file on a usb, did everything exactly right, followed the steps on the PlayStation site, above the download, did the update in safe mode successfully just for it to restart with the same problem. Now it says the update file, which I know it can tell is on the usb, cannot be used. I know it's the right one, cause it said it was 9.00 when updating in safe mode which is also how I know it can see the update file fine. I get my ps4 to just work again?

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Re: PS4 can't start issues
« Reply #1 on: 10:34 AM - 10/02/21 »
Hello!, sorry about your PS4, don't worry can be fix easily.

All right, you need to download the System Software file, there is two versions.

The one you need is the 1 GB Version: PS4UDATE.PUP

Format (FAT32) a USB drive. In the root directory create: PS4 folder. Inside of PS4 folder create another folder: UPDATE, save there PS4UDATE.PUP you downloaded previously.

Very important folders PS4\UPDATE (all caps) has to be there in order to PS4 to recognize the PS4UDATE.PUP file with System Software, and this one has to be the REINSTALL version of 1GB not an update version which is smaller.

Hope you can get your PS4 back on track in no time.