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PS5 Solution Progress  (Read 15138 times)

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PS5 Solution Progress
« on: 11:00 AM - 09/30/21 »
Hey everyone, I just received a video from the company that I've been in contact with concerning their PS5 solution in development. It shows them playing a variety of PS5 games using a Xbox One controller plugged through their USB adapter. The games they are playing are those currently not working with today's PS5 solutions. They asked me not to share the video yet. The video looks legit, but, we aren't verifying this is a viable solution until we receive a sample from them to test ourselves. They said they will be sending us production samples mid-October for evaluation. We will, at that point, be thoroughly testing it and ensuring compatibility and performance with XIM products.

ConsoleTuner is also working on a solution. We don't know much about it other than it's a hardware solution as well. You should head over to their forum for more information about that.
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