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Xim 3 vs. Xim 2  (Read 455 times)

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Xim 3 vs. Xim 2
« on: 06:53 PM - 02/15/11 »
I have seen some threads about the superiority of Xim 3 over Xim 1 which I don't think even needs to be discussed given that even Xim 2 was superior to Xim 1.

I don't mind using a computer and setting the values manually for my Xim 2, so what's more important is whether smart translators for Xim 3 really do make an improvement over Xim 2 as far as the gaming experience goes.

Can anyone owning both a Xim 2 and Xim 3 try and compare them here for the rest of us? For instance load the best black ops setting for xim 2 and compare it to Xim 3 smart translator settings.

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Re: Xim 3 vs. Xim 2
« Reply #1 on: 06:56 PM - 02/15/11 »
I think this has been discussed before somewhere.  I would say to do a search but I am also too lazy to do a search to quote any threads that may have relevant information.  I wish I were smart enough to explain WHY XIM 3 is better than XIM 2 other than the obvious "no computer" thing.  Since it's not an issue to you, that happens to be a moot point.  There are other reasons that XIM 3 is better.  Perhaps some smarter folks will reply below and explain in great detail.