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XIM Compatibility with Wireless Mouse  (Read 123 times)

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XIM Compatibility with Wireless Mouse
« on: 06:16 PM - 09/14/21 »
I am considering updating to wireless mouse or a hybrid. I currently still have XIM4 but will likely update to Apex once they come back in stock assuming I can pick up a new console in the near future, who knows when that will be.

Does the XIM4 and Apex support a wireless mouse.

One option I am considering as an example: Steel Series Prime Wireless FPS Mouse

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Re: XIM Compatibility with Wireless Mouse
« Reply #1 on: 04:10 AM - 09/15/21 »
I have Deathadder pro wireless and it's work only via wifi 2.4 but all seems good with this kind of connection.
But i have xim apex, i do not know how it will be on xim 4