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Overwatch NEW vs OLD config  (Read 185 times)

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Overwatch NEW vs OLD config
« on: 06:16 AM - 10/15/21 »
I want to ask few questions about Overwatch configs

Before the last update things were running smooth, and after the update i kept the old configs just in case i didnít like the new one

I used the new one for few days and it was just fine, then it became very slow if i use the same sens as the old one, i went back to old one and itís running smooth so far but the only issue is that it says ď translator out of dateĒ with an icon below on the left (iím not sure if this can be fixed or if it affects anything)

SO i want to know,

- did they revert the changes and thatís why the updated one became so slow and different?

- which one do you recommend me to use? Old vs new

- are there any plans to fix this? Or anything that i donít know?

- is there a way to get the same sens on the new one to make it viable?