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Black Ops 4 Blackout/MP Config 2022  (Read 133 times)

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Black Ops 4 Blackout/MP Config 2022
« on: 11:55 PM - 07/31/22 »
Made a video showing my config.
This one is less about the sensitivity settings and more-so about setting up multiplayer and Blackout keybinds in an intuitive way similar to PC, with various toggles for things like inventory management, callouts, etc.

In-game sense, x14 for both. x1 for both ADS modes. Aim Assist and Target Assist are on.

In the Xim manager, under global settings set your response rate to 250hz and restart your XIM (unplug and plug it back in).

I actually started off with the sensitivities by using Blamer’s Black Ops 4 config (https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=93204.0%29), which is where I got the curves from, and working off that. His is configured for 25,600 mouse DPI but I found that to be too high (as in, it eliminated the aim assist too much) so I converted it to 12,000 DPI.

Here is the copy and paste for my config. Make sure you’re on Xim firmware 20211012 or later and Xim manager version 20211216 or later.
Copy everything, including the “>>> XIM APEX…” at the start and “…END COPY <<<” at the end:
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Blame 12,000 Fixedhh] START COPY >>>

Backup google doc with the config's code: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OxyYcrFYOBQ6GsQKifJDQtf93E_kzYoLXN-O-VEICIw/edit?usp=sharing

In the Xim manager, make a new profile, and on the profile’s first edit page press the 3 dots, then press paste.

Here’s what you need to change for your setup:

- Xim only allows each Controller button to have 2 keys mapped to it, but in the video I said I had Square and Triangle mapped to 3 buttons. Here’s how I did that:
- - For Square, in the Xim manager I have it mapped to E and F. I then made a custom profile for my mouse where one of the side buttons (the one I mention in the video) is also E, so that it triggers square.
- - For Triangle, in the Xim manager I have it mapped to mouse-wheel ScrollUp and R. So in the custom profile for my mouse I made it so that the mouse-wheel scroll down triggers the “R” key instead of actually scrolling down. Honestly though I never scroll down to change weapons, I always scroll up. And if you do to you could get away with not having to change your mouse’s scroll down to “R”.

- Tune the aim sensitivities for HIP and Aim Down Sight to what’s comfortable for you. If you use a different DPI for your mouse, you’ll have to change them a lot.

- Under HIP, change the actions to whatever buttons you need for both Primary and Secondary

- Under Wingsuit/Vehicle, Callouts Wheel, and Gesture Wheel, change the activation key to whatever you want

- Change other buttons as needed for each sub-category

- Change the Push-To-Talk key on the profile’s first page when editing it.

Feel free to ask any questions.

I had to broadcast the gameplay from PS4 to youtube to get 60 fps and then download that footage to edit, so that's why its not the best quality. Also, forgot to have the broadcast record teammates' comms so that's why you don't hear anyone talking back to me in the Blackout match.

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Re: Black Ops 4 Blackout/MP Config 2022
« Reply #1 on: 01:47 AM - 08/01/22 »
well done!