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Apex legends Tap strafe  (Read 1821 times)

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Apex legends Tap strafe
« on: 09:04 PM - 07/28/21 »
Do Anyone know if is possible to Tap strage with a xim apex on apex  legends? Im strugling to find a way to do it

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Re: Apex legends Tap strafe
« Reply #1 on: 06:23 AM - 07/29/21 »
Check the Tutorials sub-forum for XIM APEX.

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Re: Apex legends Tap strafe
« Reply #2 on: 07:23 AM - 07/29/21 »
Create a Subprofile
Set it to trigger with "Wheel Up"
Under that subprofile, set "JUMP" to "Wheel Up"
also set "Forward" to "Wheel Up"
Set that subprofile with a 2ms trigger delay AND a 2ms release delay (this is important)
Under that subprofile, make sure your typical "Jump" and "Forward" buttons aren't mapped. (ie. nothing for Spacebar Nor W"

Tap strafing requires you you to be in sync with the game. Set your Polling Rate to 125hz on Xbox and 240hz on Playstation and set your Sync to "Off"
Complete tap strafing is NOT possible without OFF sync and the correct polling rate. I've tested it for hours.
Also you need the fastest aim speed cap which includes turning off aim assist but that's a contentious topic but Aim Assist is for cheaters, period.

*Unlike PC, Don't let go of "W" when spinning the wheel. On PC you want to let go of W but with the XIM it adds a W press
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