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Trying to improve my crucible sniping in Destiny 2.  (Read 234 times)

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I have been using the XIM device for 6 years, ever since losing my thumb, (it was reattached in surgery but is useless now lol).
Once I got back on the PS4 I quickly realized I could no longer snipe in crucible...I mean at all.
Either no aim assist, or too much.

About a week ago I watched a video on XIM Central about changing to 250mhz and turning synch to off
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPrZOMwoOwo ).

And whoa...I mean WHOA!
I can somewhat snipe again, I am not sure why.
I think it has to do with not fighting the aim assist bubble and having to "force" your reticle to the head.
Whatever the reason, it worked wonders.

So now that I have the ability to snipe again, I was wondering if there were any other settings to help me snipe.
The only settings, curves etc. I have are movement keys, aim sensitivity and smoothing at 5.

Is there anything else I can try that you would suggest?

Thanks a bunch.

Oh, PS4, XIM Apex. MNK.  Mouse, Corsair Nightsword at 3,000 mhz (Was at 10,000 but changed it due to the video).