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PS5 Version Not Supported List ☹️  (Read 825 times)

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PS5 Version Not Supported List ☹️
« on: 03:47 AM - 08/11/21 »
I bought the game Doom Eternal and found out that I cant play it with xim apex because it recognize the ps4 controller on the ps5 version 😫 meanwhile it works perfectly on the rainbow six siege ps5 version. How come? Are you planning for upcoming fix to it?

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Re: PS5 Version Not Supported List ☹️
« Reply #1 on: 04:58 AM - 08/11/21 »
PS5 is not officially supported by XIM APEX. Whether the PS4 controller workaround works or not depends on each game's support for them. If a PS5 game requires a DualSense controller, there's nothing XIM can do about it.

You may be able to play the game using XIM APEX via RemotePlay on PC using a DualShock 4. I'm not sure if that still works, but that was the solution prior to the discovery of the specialty PS4 controllers.

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