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Inbuilt Deadzone  (Read 63 times)

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Inbuilt Deadzone
« on: 02:27 PM - 07/22/21 »
Why is there from what i can describe as inbuilt deadzone with the xim, When using linear on apex  with generic alpha config with no deadzone there is stick drift to the top right, i have yet to test other games

Regardless of switching controllers and plugging in the controller to pc and checking with ds4windows that my joystick is infact at 0,0 on both x and y values meaning the joystick is in dead center, Again im not using the apex legends config but even with it there is again drift to the top right only it is much less noticable but if you were to leave your controller stationary you would notice it. This is with the generic alpha config and it is always towards the top right even when moving the joystick slighlty in other directions meaning its not my controller it the xim

So as I understand this may have been done with the whole fortnite fiasco detecting xim which I think mightve come from xim having essentially no deadzone ie 0,0 values with x and y where as a controller would have a slight deadzone based on it being a joystick, This is just my speculation though i may be completely wrong.

Regardless my question is why cant we change it for other games or with the generic configs which should in theory allow us to "create our own" st, I dont care if its easily detectable, I want to be able to customize my config and deadzone along with it, could be a small update just with the generic configs i dont mind,

Just the ability to change it and be able to play on linear and change deadzone would make me happy =),  Thanks for reading

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Re: Inbuilt Deadzone
« Reply #1 on: 02:33 PM - 07/22/21 »
All games with controller input have deadzones. XIM Smart Translators effectively remove them by starting mouse movement at the edge of the deadzone, but itís still there in the gameís look mechanics and can be up to 20% of controller movement.

If you use a Generic config, the deadzone wonít be present in the Smart Translator, youíll need to configure it yourself and the size will depend on the game. Move the first point (bottom left) in a Ballistics Curve to neutralise the deadzone. Boost can also be used to adjust the deadzone.

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