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[ACTIVE] I just really can not get this xim apex to work. need lots of help  (Read 89 times)

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At the start I couldnít get my xim to connect to my phone then I mangaged to do that now I try and go on the game I just set it up for and the keyboard and mouse still donít work
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Welcome to the community. Could you share which console and controller model you're using? If using an XS controller or console then updating to the latest beta will be needed. If you would like to test our latest beta please visit the link below. Please read the instructions on the download pages. Feedback in the beta section of the forum is appreciated.


If you're not using an Xbox XS console or controller the beta won't be needed. There's more than one cause for this but it's usually setup related and can be fixed. To help fix the problem can you please go through the list linked below and share the results from each step? This may also resolve the issue.

Some of the results will pass assuming that your non-XIM devices are working normally. If it does not resolve the problem then we can use the combined results from each numbered step to find a solution.

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