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Horipad fps plus not working even though its meant to be supported for ps5?  (Read 752 times)

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Am I doing something wrong? When I plug it in normally it doesn't work on ps5 games anyway, so I assumed the xim helped it work, but putting in my new updated xim apex it doesn't turn green after being red, and it doesn't work on menus either. When plugged in normally it at least works on the menus.

I have it set to only listen through wired, I have the controller itself set to the ps4 version not the ps4 version etc

Is it a problem because it literally doesn't work on a ps5 game to start with? Its a supported controller so not sure why its not working.

It also doesn't work when plugged into a ps4, the controller works, but when I plug it into the updated apex and plug it all into the ps4, it still doesn't work there either.

Am I being dumb?
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That should be working. Can you try plugging it into your XIM APEX after everything has started up (like you have to do with the Hori Mini)?
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When APEX was updated was the latest build used or the build from the beta section? The beta firmware and Manager will be needed. Aside from this, the controller was reported working by another user and no other setup instructions were mentioned. Here's a link where the beta firmware and Manager can be found in case it's needed.


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