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Xim Apex flashing  (Read 140 times)

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Xim Apex flashing
« on: 03:04 AM - 06/21/21 »
Hello Everyone! I am here regarding my xim apex and would like to know that when I wake up it has been feeling weird and flashing colors. It flashes red when I move my mouse left and right and green and yellow when I ads with my mouse. Anyone know what I can do Itís been working fine for months but today it acts like this.
I am on the latest series x firmware using a G502 hero and a Corsair k60 if that helps.

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Re: Xim Apex flashing
« Reply #1 on: 03:24 AM - 06/21/21 »
XIM will flash red when turning the mouse faster than the turn speed limit of the game youíre playing. It will also flash yellow when transitioning to ADS, then green when transitioning back to HIP. All of that is expected behaviour.

The key to using a XIM is to understand that console games have turn speed limits. If you move your hand too fast, your mouse wonít move as far. If you see the XIM flashing red, slow your hand down and youíll turn further.

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