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[Q/A] XIM Apex In Menus  (Read 22 times)

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[Q/A] XIM Apex In Menus
« on: 07:27 PM - 06/09/21 »
So I've purchased my Xim Apex and can now use M&K and everything works great. I have one question though: while I can aim and move in-game, is there anyway to be able to use M&K in menus and UI? Right now I just have the controller next to me on the table and use that whenever I need to navigate a menu and then switch to M&K during gameplay, but is there a way to make M&K do all of it? I've heard about Auxiliaries and stuff like that but I don't know how it works, so is there any answer or do I just keep doing what I am?
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Re: XIM Apex In Menus
« Reply #1 on: 12:48 AM - 06/10/21 »
If the menu offers a cursor then yes, via a sub config @ ticked left stick box you can navigate it with a mouse. Though that usually doesnt feel all that well as the cursors arent very responsive or have a high turnspeed. You will have to drag your mouse around quite a bit to get some visible movement.
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