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[ACTIVE] Xim apex installation  (Read 66 times)

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[ACTIVE] Xim apex installation
« on: 05:47 PM - 06/09/21 »
I recently purchased the Xim apex for my xbox one.
However, on the manager app, my controller is not showing up next to the mouse and keyboard.

I've tried unplugging, hard resetting, and switching ports, no luck.
My mouse and keyboard show on the manager app.
I bought a new controller from Micorsoft, type C charging port, as well as a data transferring cable, as I've read the charging cables are good for charging, but not for transferring data over.
I can get it to work by using an old micro USB controller, and a basic chord, but my girlfriend uses that for her Xim.

I've plugged and updated firmware on the Xim through a PC
I know it's not the hub, as it worked with another controller.

The controller lights up by itself when plugged directly into the console.
I do not see the 4 green flashing lights when the controller is connected to the XIm directly, leading me to believe it could be the chord.

I brought a Microsoft branded chord which did not work, as well as a higher speed data transferring cable. None of these worked.

I feel like I've tried every trick in the book. I've ordered an older controller and new cable to see if that works, however if there is a method or trick I am unaware of, that would he much appreciated.
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Re: Xim apex installation
« Reply #1 on: 12:57 AM - 06/10/21 »

what kind of Xbox Controller is it? Xbox One, Slim or Series X/S?
Also please go into the top right corner of your XIM Manager and head to the info/about area. Post both of the long firmware version numbers please :).
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Re: Xim apex installation
« Reply #2 on: 09:22 AM - 06/10/21 »
Welcome to the community. I noticed your mention that your controller has a USB C port.

When you updated the firmware did you use the latest build? If so this doesn't support your controller. The new XS controllers are supported by the beta firmware and beta Manager, you will need both for support.

If you would like to test our latest beta please visit the link below. Please read the instructions on the download pages. Feedback in the beta section of the forum is appreciated.

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