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[Q/A] XIM APEX won't recognize Xbox One controller on PC  (Read 37 times)

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So I just got my XIM, tried setting it up for use on PC, which I know isn't officially supported but it does work.

My Xbox One controller isn't being picked up by the XIM when I plug it in, the KB&M light up and appear on the XIM Manager App but the controller doesn't and won't turn on completely, I can press the power button on the controller and it will flash for a while and that's all it does.

My Xbox controller is official / No battery pack

I have tried over 10 different cables

I have tried 3 official Xbox One controllers

I have read a few troubleshooting threads and tried different things and they all don't seem to work,

When I plug the USB Hub alone into the PC the controller turns on with no problems, but when I plug the hub into the XIM it fails to turn on

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: XIM APEX won't recognize Xbox One controller on PC
« Reply #1 on: 09:22 AM - 06/09/21 »
Welcome to the community. XIM does not support PC as a gaming platform but some players have been able to use XIM in their PC game by using a Microsoft wireless Xbox One controller with their XIM. Third party controllers are not supported.

With that said you may encounter performance issues using XIM on a PC due to the possibility of PC game look mechanics being different from their console versions. Using APEX at 1000hz on PC may cause performance issues as well. Using APEX at 125hz on PC may be required.

If using a new Xbox XS controller it will need a firmware update. There have been a few controller updates since the console has launched.

The firmware update can be done using an Xbox or PC.


Aside from this I'm not sure why it wouldn't be working but I recommend trying your setup with a supported platform like the Xbox One.
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