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What is the best 4 Port Usb Hub for PS4  (Read 84 times)

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What is the best 4 Port Usb Hub for PS4
« on: 05:28 AM - 06/04/21 »
Hey what is the best 4 Port USB Hub for Ps4 while Using the PS4? I want to use my Mouse, Keyboard and Headset while Gaming with the Apex on the PS4. But I can't right now because the Normal Apex USB Port only has 3 Ports.

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Re: What is the best 4 Port Usb Hub for PS4
« Reply #1 on: 05:40 AM - 06/04/21 »
Welcome to the community.

Don't plug a headset into a USB hub connected to XIM APEX, it won't work. The USB hub is intended to pass through controller button presses and stick input to and from XIM APEX, not audio signals.

Either plug a headset into the authentication controller connected to XIM APEX via 3.5mm, or connect it direct to the console via USB.

Alternately, you can connect XIM APEX and the headset to a USB hub, then connect that hub to a console, but it'll probably need to be powered. You'll still need a USB hub connected to XIM APEX for the mouse, keyboard and controller, but this does give you more console USB ports.

Brand and model of USB hub doesn't really matter. I think the only prerequisite is you get a powered USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 hub with 5V or more for the use case above. Otherwise you're likely to run into power problems trying to support a USB headset, XIM APEX, mouse, keyboard and controller over one 5V console USB port.

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