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Help-What is the minimum requirements for choosing controller on PC  (Read 848 times)

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Hello im using xim 4
I wanna play apex legend on computer and benefit aim asist .

What i can use for controller ? because ps4 ps5 controllers are sooo expensive in my country ?
Like what is the minimum i can use ? maybe xbox 360 ? they are cheap or any idea ?

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XIM does not support PC as a gaming platform but some players have been able to use XIM in their PC game by using a Microsoft wireless Xbox One controller with their XIM. Third party controllers are not supported.

With that said you may encounter performance issues using XIM on a PC due to the possibility of PC game look mechanics being different from their console versions. Using APEX at 1000hz on PC may cause performance issues as well. Using APEX at 125hz on PC may be required.


It's been mentioned by other members here that the DS4 controller is supported by some PC games (not all) and that either changing the input type in the game options (if game supports it) or changing the control input type in steam controller setup may help if using steam. I'm not familiar with these steps but I have noticed these issue reports don't seem to come from players using Xbox controllers so that's something to consider if you run into more issues.
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