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How to display a PS5 at 1440p  (Read 3332 times)

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Re: How to display a PS5 at 1440p
« Reply #15 on: 04:38 PM - 06/04/21 »
Upscaling from 1080p to 1440p on an mClassic looks very different to downscaling from 4K to 1440p due to the way mClassic processes video. Colours are boosted, edges are antialiased and everything is smoothed. This can look either good or bad, depending on the game. I found Days Gone to look more life-like with mClassic and muddy / bland without it, but Destiny 2 hurt my eyes to play with mClassic activated.

What is more difficult to tell, in Days Gone at least, is a significant difference between native 1080p 60Hz and downscaled 4K 60Hz to 1440p 60Hz. Edges of screen fonts are more blurry on 1080p, but downscaling also compresses fonts, so they don't quite look right either. It’s much easier to see the difference in native 1440p vs 1080p - everything looks cleaner, more crispy and more clearly defined at native 1440.

Native 1440p is the porridge that feels just right. It was very noticeable to me both visually and performance-wise in Destiny 2 on Series X vs PS5. Series X frankly slays the PS5 for this game due to the lack of support on PS5 for 1440p, or even 120Hz for PvE on PS5. Series X is 1440p 120Hz across the entire game and it's a far better experience for it. Destiny 2 on Series X is crispy and responsive. On PS5, it’s blurry and laggy.

The thing I liked the least about PS5 is 60Hz. I can see the jumps between frames when quickly turning left and right, whereas it's mostly eliminated at 120Hz. PS5 has some catching up to do to Series X that I believe can only be achieved by enabling 1440p, hence the purpose of this experiment.

Ultimately I’m looking for an excuse to use the mClassic. For example, it should work really well for Nintendo Switch upscaling because of the simplistic art style of their first-party games. The same applies for retro consoles, but I have too many new games to play to dive down that rabbit hole.

While 1440p 60Hz upscaling is possible with mClassic on PS5, I want 120Hz for as many games as possible, so I won’t use mClassic for day to day gaming. I am however interested in how video encoding in OBS responds to mClassic’s smoothing as there should be less detail to compress.

I’ve ordered the cheap Portta downscaler and will slot the mClassic behind that. If it’s beneficial in any way, I’ll post an update.
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