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XIM NEXUS Initial impressions....  (Read 348 times)

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XIM NEXUS Initial impressions....
« on: 12:58 PM - 02/03/22 »
After 2 hours of game play....

Quality - not xbox elite controller levels of build quality but makes up for this in functionality.

Setup - peice of cake. Connect, Download app and smart translator and you're away.

Gameplay - initially I wanted to tilt the controller to move left and right as that felt more intuitive but soon got used to the yaw motion instead. When I found the option to tilt in the app I realise why yaw is default... When resting controller in lap, yaw allows you to continue to rest it there and use the added support of your lap to keep motion in control and steady.

I play destiny 2 which has high aim assist. Nexus motion works best with auto rifles and smgs. I increased ads motion sensitivity to 100, ads lock onto enemy and use the motion to track and control recoil. After 2 hours this felt really intuitive and I was doing it without thinking.

Sometimes I find myself over shooting as I'm using the right thumbstick to get myself roughly on target and motion at the same time. Combining the 2 together causes me to overshoot from time to time. Adding some delay or activating motion on fire only (not sure if I can do this) might solve this. Will try and update.

Swapped to sniper and handcannons then realised that the 100 motion sensitivity was too high for sniping, needed to reduce it back to 60.

Barely scratched the surface with this amazing device. Cannot wait to use more advanced settings.

Back buttons perfectly positioned for my medium sized hands.

Delivery from moment I ordered to reaching my doorstep 3days from USA to UK.

My family are getting ignored for the next 48 hours. Back to testing.

Thanks obsiv and xim team for your continued innovation and dedication to making alternative gaming input devices.

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Re: Initial impressions....
« Reply #1 on: 01:08 PM - 02/03/22 »
Thanks for the feedback! It's great to hear how things are going. Every day you use it, stick and motion will become more intuitive to work together. You may also want to try Custom stick in case you are using Native right now if you aren't. There actually is a motion delay activation option if you are using ADS activation. Let us know how things go and, of course, any suggestions. :)
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Re: XIM NEXUS Initial impressions....
« Reply #2 on: 03:12 PM - 02/03/22 »
Itís a mistake to compare NEXUS to a premium controller like an Elite for build quality. Using the same materials as an Elite would likely double the cost of NEXUS.

NEXUS looks and feels like an Xbox One controller. The expensive parts are under the hood to drive Motion Aim. Not to mention the 10 extra buttons NEXUS has over an XB1 controller.

Iíll post my Destiny 2 config code in a few days frash. I mostly struggled with Motion Aim on HIP and lurching during ADS to HIP transition, but Curves sorted that out. I use lower Motion Aim sens too ( 50 with in-game 11/0.8 ) so I donít have much of a problem with overshooting.

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