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Logitec G Pro wireless, not letting me ads constantly.  (Read 152 times)

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Hello everyone, so its been a while since I bought the Xim Apex, and I always played with a g502 wired.

I wanted to change so I upgraded to a G pro wireless after some research to see if wireless mice would work with the Xim, Its far better than the other mouse I got but in any game (specially Apex legends) sometimes I just can't ADS.

I can hold my right click for 20 seconds and the game will starts and stop itself from ADS, its really random sometimes nothing for 30 minutes, other times full bug for 5 min. Its like something is blocking.

I've reset my Xim to factory.

Deleted all my profiles on Xim just to be sure.

My controller is okay, its only with the mouse.

With any other mouse got no problems.

On PC no problem either.

I checked Bluethooth just in case.
Is something blocking the info between the Xim and my mouse ?

Don't know what to do, everything works perfectly fine aside from this bug.

( Its the first time I post anything so I may not be in the right topic, feel free to redirect me if needed )

Thank you for your time !  :)

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Re: Logitec G Pro wireless, not letting me ads constantly.
« Reply #1 on: 09:28 AM - 05/25/21 »
Welcome to the community. Unfortunately recent Logitech mice have been prone to button switch failures. It may help to blow air under the button. Given that the problem doesn't happen with another mouse you could try assigning ADS to another mouse button to confirm before contacting Logitech.
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