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Xbox IOS remote play suggestion  (Read 462 times)

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Xbox IOS remote play suggestion
« on: 04:30 AM - 06/04/21 »
Hey, Iíve been traveling a ton and I canít just carry a controller EVERYWHERE I go... so Iím writing this... wouldnít everyone like this? An on screen controller for IOS remote play... Iím tired of carrying a controller in my bags to take up space... why not just pull out my phone and be able to play all my games? Seriously... címon Microsoft!
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Re: Xbox IOS remote play suggestion
« Reply #1 on: 05:49 AM - 06/04/21 »
I suspect this is a bot post, but I'll bite.

Onscreen controllers eat screen real estate. In the few games I've played over the years with onscreen controls, the input was clunky and my thumbs got in the way of the action.

Both DualShock 4 and Xbox Wireless Controller (Xbox One S/X and later) support wireless Bluetooth connected to iPhone and iPad on iOS 13 or later. An Xbox controller is perfect for those iOS games with Bluetooth controller support.

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Re: Xbox IOS remote play suggestion
« Reply #2 on: 08:32 AM - 06/04/21 »
I agree, it does look like a bot. I'll keep an eye on it. :)
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