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help plz- keyboard is NOT being detected its a K70 RGB TKL CHAMPION SERIES  (Read 342 times)

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I just bought a new keyboard the "K70 RGB TKL CHAMPION SERIE" and when I plug it in the apex it doesn't even turn on or detect the keyboard.  I've tried restarting my Xbox series x and plugging and unplugging and everything have their latest updates. This new keyboard uses a usb c and my last one didn't idk if that is the problem but help would be very much appreciated. Also tried putting my keyboard into bios with window lock and F1.

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Welcome to the community. With the keyboard not working in it's BIOS mode it may not be compatible. BIOS mode enables just about all corsair K keyboards to work with XIM. I'll mark this keyboard as not compatible on the hardware list for now.

Meanwhile, you could try setting the default lighting profile to use static lighting with less lit keys. Swapping the mouse and keyboard cable positions at the hub could help. Finally, high power devices may need additional power than the console can provide. If you would like to test against power there are two options. A powered hub can be used in place of the APEX hub, the hub would need to include it's own AC adapter. USB 2.0 hubs have official support but 3.0 hubs are reported by the community to work as well. The second option is to add a power adapter to APEX's hub. APEX supports power adapters using the spec below and can be found on amazon or ebay. To prevent damage to your peripherals do not use a power adapter that doesn't match this spec and do not use a power adapter with an adjustable voltage switch.

5V 3A power adapter  ([3.5mm x 1.35mm], center-positive)
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