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K65 Mini (Corsair)(Support)  (Read 116 times)

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K65 Mini (Corsair)(Support)
« on: 06:43 PM - 06/04/21 »
Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone found a way for the K65 Mini (Corsair)  to work when it is connected to the Xim Apex?
When I plug in the keyboard to the usb hub provided with the Xim Apex. The keyboard is unresponsive and doesn't light up at all whether its directly plugged into the Xim Apex or the hub. The Keyboard works when its plugged into the console and my pc but besides that... nothing else.

Question : May it need more power that I switch to a powered USB hub instead or find a power adapter to plug in the back of the Xim Apex hub? Last time I did it via the power adapter. It fried my xim and hub and I had to pay over another $100 to fix it.

Thank You and Take Care!


^^ Image of the keyboard

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Re: K65 Mini (Corsair)(Support)
« Reply #1 on: 09:05 AM - 06/07/21 »
Unfortunately from what I've read it's not compatible, hopefully someone with the keyboard can share more.
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