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Apex and PC usb Switch. Wanting to get rid of the extra mouse and keyboard  (Read 150 times)

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It might work but switching is likely to fail at some point which requires that you unplug the switch and XIM then reconnect. It may make more sense to buy a switch that includes or supports a power adapter.

Is your second peripheral set wireless? I agree with you, four devices with four cables is too much. I use a g900 wirelessly and a standard wireless keyboard. Extras are pushed aside or under my desk when not in use. There's a few mechanical keyboard options today that are wireless so you may not have to settle for basic wireless keyboard.
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I believe this one supports an adapter.

All my mouses and keyboards are wired.

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I don't think it can work because you have to unplug your mouse and keyboard and then reconnect to your xim. The only way is to use different devices.

If you guys have a solution it would be great. I have to unplug it and plug it in again every time on my pc.


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USB switches work fine, with a couple of caveats.

The controller needs to remain directly connected to XIM APEX or it won’t authenticate with the console. Keep the APEX’s USB hub and plug the USB switch into it. Controller on XIM APEX hub, mouse & keyboard on USB switch.

Windows 10 is very likely to crash its USB host when swapping a keyboard from XIM to PC. This is a Windows issue, not a XIM one. If the mouse or kb becomes unresponsive on PC (typically within 5 or so swaps), the only solution is a PC reboot.

There are other more reliable options for m/kb swapping. XIM Link app with a supported Belkin transfer cable, or Titan Two’s KMG Capture mode.

XIM Link is more affordable but is vulnerable to memory leaks and app crashes, though generally reliable.

Titan Two is more expensive and is very reliable, but relies on a small m/kb passthrough script in one of its memory slots. That means you can’t use a Titan Two mod script or Gamepack, unless it includes the m/kb passthrough code (it’s 2 lines of code and is easy to include).

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