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Xbox series x controller cable not working need help what one works  (Read 291 times)

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My xbox series x controller doesn't work with the cable I got got any suggestions for the cable need a type c usb cable

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i am having this issue also .. i have bought 4 different usb c charging/data cables and none work ..

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Are you two using APEX with an XS console or PC? XS consoles are supported by APEX's beta firmware and Manager, not the latest versions from the download section.

Either way, updating the controller firmware may help with this. There have been a few controller updates since the console launched. It can be done using a PC or Xbox.



About the cable, Anker is a good choice and I've heard good thinks of Ugreen. Before making a purchase I recommend checking if the controller and cable you have now work with a PC while XIM is not connected. It's easy to check for in a PC game or using just Windows.

To do this connect your controller to your PC. Wait a few moments for Windows to install drivers and prepare the device. Once finished press the Windows key and type 'set up usb game controllers' and continue to this selection.

Select the controller then click properties.

If you've made it this far the controller actions will be shown in this window. Pressing buttons and moving the analog sticks will be visible as shown in this picture.

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