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Is it possible to make an auto-clicker on XIM?  (Read 305 times)

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Is it possible to make an auto-clicker on XIM?
« on: 03:15 PM - 04/05/21 »
I was looking at a YouTube video on how to minimize recoil using the auxiliary part of the config (https://youtu.be/pTzoLp2lYJw), and I noticed how they were using The left click button to activate a motion on the right stick down. I donít know much about the XIM and itís code, but couldnít you make it so you can toggle a certain button pressing over and over again with a keypress that you could set up in the app? Iíd imagine it would be sort of like the anti-recoil trick in a way.

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Re: Is it possible to make an auto-clicker on XIM?
« Reply #1 on: 03:43 PM - 04/05/21 »

the XIM doesnt have such a feature, the closest you could use is to follow the crouch spam video from that channel and use the left mouse button instead of the crouch button. Though i would like to mention that most games nowadays have a rapid fire prevention and will lock up the weapon when the fire button is clicked too fast.
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