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Xim apex controller stops responding ps5  (Read 588 times)

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Xim apex controller stops responding ps5
« on: 08:41 PM - 03/27/21 »
Hi im using steel series mouse and cheap keyboard i have the latest update i have had zero issues on xbox series x but my ps5 i went and got a armor 3 ps4 controller for my ps5 it picks up controller and works great for about 10 min then just stops working weird thing is in apex manager it shows me pushing buttons like controller is still working but nothing happens on ps5 as if the ps5 is froze but its not i can unplug xim and replug and works again for about 10 mins then just stops but like i say xim acts like its still connected but nothing happens on ps5 im lost any help would be great

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Re: Xim apex controller stops responding ps5
« Reply #1 on: 03:41 AM - 03/28/21 »

Looks like the Armor 3 controller you bought isn't in the list of compatible 3rd party controllers confirmed to work. Check the list below from the original post by OBsIV. So at a guess I'd say that the Armor 3 isn't a fully compatible 3rd party controller. The Hori Mini wired Pad is what I use (apart from having to connect it AFTER the PS5 has booted which for me isn't a problem as I'm OCD and always disconnect it anyway) I've had no problems at all.....and it's relatively cheap too!

PlayStation 5 Requirements
Unlike support for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 where you use a DS4 and DS3 respectively as your console controller on your XIM APEX, PlayStation 5 support requires the use of specific 3rd party PlayStation 4 controllers (not a DS5, DS4, or DS3 controller).

Most PS4 3rd party controller should work, however, the following controllers have been tested and known to work (remember to plug into port "..." on your hub):

@play Wired Compact
Horipad 4 FPS
Horipad FPS Plus
Hori Fighting Commander
Hori Mini Gamepad (*)
Mad Catz SFV Arcade Fightstick Alpha
Mad Catz TE2
Nacon Pro Revolution V1/2/3
Nacon Compact Controller (**)
Razer Raiju
Vivitar LVLUP Gaming

(*) Requires the controller be connected to your hub after your XIM has been connected to your console and initialized.
(**) Mixed working/not working reports for this controller.

If you try a different 3rd party controller, please let us know how it works so we can keep this list current. We will work to add support for non-functioning 3rd party controllers if we can.

When creating Configs for your PlayStation 5, select PlayStation 4 in Manager as the console.

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Re: Xim apex controller stops responding ps5
« Reply #2 on: 04:26 AM - 03/28/21 »
Sony published a list of PS5-compatible, licenced, specialty PS4 controllers. Thatís the list that is used by XIM, Titan, Cronus etc. There are others, like the Qanba Drone fight stick and Logitech G29 wheel. If a controller is not on the list above, itís not confirmed working for PS5 authentication.

I recommend the Nacon Compact Wired PS4 Controller as it does not need to be disconnected or reconnected to APEX...it just works.

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