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Hori Tac Pro M2 not working on latest beta  (Read 272 times)

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Hori Tac Pro M2 not working on latest beta
« on: 10:51 PM - 03/05/21 »
Hello I’m trying to use a Hori Tac pro M2 on Xbox One X with a Series X controller.

I have current latest beta Firmware 20210223. I have latest TestFlight beta manager installed on phone. I tested all 3 ports on hub. The Xim apex detects the hori Tac pro m2 but shows on the phone as if "J 1" (joystick 1) was permanently pressed. It does not allow me to bind any keys on Xim apex or use any other input on the hori. I then tested it with a Xbox One controller on the same manager and firmware and the same issue persisted.

I then switched back to both Firmware and Manager 20200307 and the hori Tac pro M2 works perfectly fine with Xbox One controller. But i want to use my Series X controller on latest beta as well. Please test to add support to beta. Thank you!
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