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Looking for frends to play Apex Legends with (competitive)  (Read 76 times)

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So, short introduction of me, I used to play Apex Legends in season 1.
I was a really good player, top of the Apex Tracker leaderboard and everything, quickly got familiar with the game since its TTK reminds me of Destiny, another game which I was really good at, and also the 3 vs 3 fights and its mechanics.
Then at some point I just stopped playing FPS games in general, just wanted to take a break from the genre and play something more relaxing, like MMO RPG games.
Last season I jumped back into the game since I feel like I want to play something competitive again, and I decided I'd start from Apex Legends! Managed to reach Diamond 3 before the season ended without too many issues but with definitely some effort.
This season I'd like to reach Master. I'm Plat 2 atm and slowly going up, but I'm playing solo.
I feel like this journey could be much more enjoyable and easy with some reliable teammates!
Now I can't tell you I have a really good KD or winrate since I've been growing until now, and I still am.
Let's say I kinda started from the bottom in Season 7 and working my way up.
Oh and last but not least, I'm playing on PC atm, planning to go back on console with the PS5 (when I'll manage to get my hands on it!), so we'll be matched against PC players.
If anyone is interested, please leave a comment with any questions you might have or your IGN! Mine's Enrix.
I play everyday, mostly in the evening / late evening (CET).
Looking forward to any replies, cheers! ~
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