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Keyboard & Mouse on the Nintendo Switch  (Read 121 times)

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Keyboard & Mouse on the Nintendo Switch
« on: 05:14 AM - 02/18/21 »
Hello all! Long time no see.
Just wondering, what are my options in getting a mouse/keyboard setup to work with the Nintendo Switch?

Splatoon 3 was announced and I want to prep for that by playing Splatoon 2 with a k/m set up. Any ideas?

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Re: Keyboard & Mouse on the Nintendo Switch
« Reply #1 on: 07:29 AM - 02/18/21 »
XIM APEX plus Mayflash Magic-NS, Titan One or Titan Two adapter.

Smart Translators aren't built for Switch games, so results will vary.

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Re: Keyboard & Mouse on the Nintendo Switch
« Reply #2 on: 09:58 PM - 02/18/21 »
I believe I tried using Switch>Mayflash Magic NS>XIM>Xbox and it was really fiddly. It would either register inputs that I hadn't made or just ignore some and in some cases there was very high latency. I wasn't able to find any good config settings either but from videos i've seen there are some configs that work well. In my experience with Overwatch, mouse inputs were basically unusable. I've heard there are others who have had more luck but a lot of them don't share their config settings unfortunately.
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